We have four different wings Earth, Energy, Environment and Material where the research and development activities in all the wings converge towards one goal or vision, i.e. exploring our planet and driving it towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly system. The research projects under different wings are described below.

Earth and Planetary Science Wing:
1. Geochemical/Mineralogical carbon sequestration in key geomorphological units of Indo-Gangetic plains
2. How to reverse engineer the Global warming and Climate change
3. Preliminary study on Natural Hydrogen deposit in India

Energy Wing:
1. Exploring Geological units in India for underground Hydrogen storage
2. Producing Hydrogen with biomass for clean energy
3. How to enhance the renewable energy mix in cities by installing, innovative and small units of solar, wind and other modes of clean energy

Environment Wing:
1. Research on developing a model of highly efficient urban forestation to reduce urban heat island effect and global warming
2. How to decontaminate Arsenic, Fluoride and excessive Iron from groundwater in the Indo-Gangetic plains of eastern India
3. Air pollution and direct carbon capture

Material Science Wing:
1. Innovative ways to introduce reusable and bio-degradable materials for replacing plastics from toothbrushes
2. Reduction of plastics and poly-based products from organic fibres, waste material recycle materials and bio-degradable products from our daily life usage, e.g. carry bags, wearables etc.
3. Addition of certain materials and minerals in bricks and blocks of cement used in construction to design them as a carbon capture unit as well as utilizing of the waste products.